Protect ~ Accumulate ~ Distribution

With the variety of insurance and financial products we provide, we can help protect practically all of your personal and business insurance needs.  We are licensed in the following lines of insurance and financial products to help you at different stages of your lives:

Life Insurance

Besides its No 1 role of protecting families and providing peace of mind, life insurance can play many crucial roles in your overall financial planning such as saving for colleges, estate, business succession or charitable giving.  Permanent cash value insurance offer many living benefits such as tax deferred cash value accumulation, disability income, pension maximization, minimization of taxable income etc.

Health Insurance

Our health is the most important element of our everyday life.  To have the right level of health insurance coverage can help to mange your health and your pocket book.  We are appointed with most health insurance carriers and are also certified agents with Covered CA.  We are experienced in serving both the business and individual markets.  

Long Term Care Insurance

One of the greatest potential risks faced by most Americans is the need for long term care.  Long term care insurance transfer a portion of the risk of long term care expenses to an insurance company helping to protect you and your family from potentially devastating financial circumstance. 

Medicare Insurance

Products such as Medicare Supplement Insurance, Medicare Advantage Plans and stand alone Medicare Prescription Drug Plans.

Other Insurance Products

Group employee benefits, Fixed Interest Deferred Annuities, Lifetime Immediate Income Annuity, Disability, Dental, Vision, Workers Compensation and Business Liability, etc